White Rabbit: Pearl Edition


By which I really mean, got the first draft of The Cat That Wouldn’t Die finished.  That is to say, I got all the way to the end and have now circled around for draft 2.5 in which I fix the beginning because I’ve realized it’s a mess. Still, its progress, real and definite progress.  Now cleaning up the intro again and debating what to do with the book in question.  Also trying to decide if I want to pick up one of my novellas/longish stories and see about a second draft.  Haven’t decided, probably won’t decide until July at any rate.

So, anyway, that’s ONE project down out of my intended four.  At this point in time, finishing short stories will even count, I don’t care so long as I finish things.  Because, yes, you guessed it, I picked up at least one more project last month.  Yeup.  That happened. 

And so, to help along my many projects that are not getting finished, I’m going for 1500 words a day (on average) in June, for a total of 45000 words by the end of the month.  Not any specific project, but a good solid chunk of words to get things closer to finished.  I’d really like to put a lot of those words towards Phoenix and Wolf, but we’ll see what happens with that stupidly long sprawl of a story in which little happens.

Still, at least for today, I’m not feeling terrible about my state of writing.  Too many projects, slow progress, lots of frustration.  At the same time, progress has been made and I don’t feel terrible about the things I have been writing.  Well, another month done, another to go.  Let’s see what June brings.


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