White Rabbit: Ruby Edition

Happy July and an early happy birthday to me. I have begun celebrating early by picking up some new books, with promise of more before the month is done. Yes. I am shameless.

Hope everyone’s June went well, mine wasn’t abysmal. Well, except on the blogging front. Nnnnot so good at that last month, (for some good reasons and some lazy reasons) but you probably noticed that.

On the other hand, I hit my word goal of 45k words, the majority across two of the projects I started this year, with Phoenix and Wolf coming in at third and a few outlier stories getting a bit of attention. And best of all, I didn’t start anything new! Someone hit the gong and get the marching band

Okay, so I DID start narrating another game on Storium and lost a non-significant chunk of time to building the world and setting. But there’s no new story taking up my word count. And it’s a setting I might play with for my own fiction at some point. So ultimately I can’t feel terribly guilty about it, especially since I managed to get my word count in spite of the distraction.

For July, I’ve got one major goal and two minor goals. Major goals are things I absolutely must do or else I will Bring Shame Upon the House of Gibbs. Minor goals are things I’m aiming for, but will accept defeat on if it comes to that.
Major Goal:
Begin submitting The Cat That Wouldn’t Die to agents. This goal includes some additional polish on the first chapter, a decent query letter, and a synopsis for when those are needed. I have actually started poking at this, doing some of the needed edits and I have a basic query letter. The synopsis evades me so far. But I hate synopses. I especially hate trying to pluralize the word. Anyway, want to start shopping this around, because I’m starting to itch to write these characters again. The urge to see what can be done with a sequel is strong.
Minor Goal:
38750 words, or 1250 words per day. Less than I was aiming for last month, but not a goal to be sneezed at either. Should be enough to stretch me a bit, but allow enough time to tackle a few other things. Like, you know, maybe blog regularly? So far, not doing great at keeping up with my word count, but it’s still early in the month. There’s lots of time to recover and really, I’ve had worse starts on word count goals.
Most Minor Goal:
Complete Phoenix and Wolf. I have hit the last chunk of the novel, we’re building towards a climax and I think a good month of focus will push me over to a “The End” marker on the book. But I’m not really betting on my attention span at this point, which is why this is the lowest goal right now.

Anyway, everyone have a happy July, good luck staying at a moderate and comfortable temperature!


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