White Rabbit: Sapphire Edition

So yeah. August. That happened.

Completely failed my tentative word goal, in fact, didn’t even manage to hit 30k for the month (which is my generally prescribed ‘minimum.’) But, you know, over all? Not actually feeling bad. Seeing as how I. Well. Sort of accidentally finished two novels in August. Very much by accident in one case. Once again, what I thought was going to be one novel ended up being two, but at least I noticed before I was halfway through the second. But hey, I’m no longer dreadfully behind on my goal of four projects this year.

So here are the two projects I finished this month:

The Collared Act
A complete surprise, started in December and finished at 79863 words. I was not expecting this one to happen or actually become finished. But damn, it was just a blast to write. On the light side of novel for word count right now, but since I thought I had another half again as much to write, there are several places that can be expanded and fleshed out in subsequent drafts and I plan to get to said drafts before too long. The downside of this one is that I have no idea how to market it. It’s a character centered story about a gay slave who ends up working at a burlesque style theater with psychics, oh, and there is no romance or sex. Obvious selling points? Lacking. Thus, how to find a market? No clue. And none of this has stopped me from taking off and writing the second book, which is now in progress and growing steadily. Yup.

Phoenix and Wolf
Started for Nano last year, finished at 127578 words. And it is a big, ugly rambling mess of a novel. I hit the end and realized that there were two dramatic reveals I was saving that should have happened far sooner in the novel. There’s a glut of needless scenes and exposition, we end up in the library at least two times too many, and I failed to properly explore a lot of the elements which make the actual novel neat. So, while it is a draft that I can declare finished, it’s really not viable and the work that is needed to make it viable will come more in the form of fresh writing rather than editing. Because of all this, and the fact that I’ve got other novels that seem to be going much better, this one will be put on the back burner for a while. I plan to revive it at some point, but have no idea what point that will be.

Plans for this month? Unsure, not bothering with a word count goal since I can’t seem to keep them lately. I am, however, trying to get done another draft of the Cat That Wouldn’t Die. After some of my earlier mishaps with other novels, I’m not confident that I haven’t left some major issues in the draft, especially after reducing its length by a solid fifth.

After that, well, we’ll see what happens.


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