The (Mostly) Post Nano Blitz

So I’ve been sitting around, trying to figure out why my goals are now that Nano is wrapping up. (Not actually done, but only a thousand words and all evening to do that, with the promise of sake at the end.) I’ve got a handful of things I want to tackle next year, including getting better at editing, continuing to finish things, getting something published (even self pub’d), and a project that will hopefully get more activity up in the blog.

But before all of that, I’m thinking about what I want to do in December. Just December. I don’t want to set a big word count goal, as A) Just did one and B) Holidays, fuck them. But I will feel better if I give myself some sort of goal and it gets me in the habit of aiming for things to accomplish. Plus, I have one really clear goal that should have been accomplished already and has not been.

The goal? Finish spot checking the first few chapters Itzie and Rodney’s novel, then start tossing it at agents/publishers.

However, I’ve got some mixed feelings on this goal. I mean, obviously, I am doing it. It is the Next Step In the Process. However, this means I’m going to be tossing this bad boy around in the post Nano blitz, where well intentioned and gleeful writers throw their unpolished manuscript at every agent, publishing house, and editor in the area.

The Pros: The novel has actually been revised! Maybe it’ll get some notice as standing out against all of those other novels, like a polished diamond amongst river rocks. A shining gem of decent grammar and minimal typos, fully fleshed and a delight after reading so many raw, bleeding manuscripts.

The Cons: My novel will be one in a sea of slush that editors will have to slog through to find. When they get to my novel, they are guaranteed to be cynical already. They will hate everything. Does my novel have the ability and skill to overcome that level of hatred? Does anything?

Anyway, those are my brief editing thoughts this evening. Back to the grind. *Salutes*


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