NaNo 2014 Wrap Up

So, it’s another year, another graph.


See that lovely dip in the middle? I call that the chasm of hell. It was Not A Good Week (Or So). Overall, it was a bit tough for a Nano. I had a lot of trouble finding focus. The ideas were there and the words came, but only after a lot of failed attempts to corral myself and a great deal of rampant internet clicking. It’s been that way since mid-October and I think it’s mostly stress related.

On the bright side, WORDS! They did happen, a whole 50k and on only three different stories! Considering the three stories are the major three novels I’ve got in the works, I feel pretty good about that.

Breakdown by Percentage:
The Crowned Act: 36% (18,289 words added)
Itzie and Rodney II: 37% (19,201 words added)
Thrall: 27% (13,635 words added)

The amusing thing is that all three works are now roughly the same length. Here’s their current word count:
The Crowned Act: 38,248 words
Itzie and Rodney II: 35,577 words
Thrall: 37,762 words

I started strongest on The Crowned Act, which is why it got to be my title novel (and also, it has the best title out of all three major works this month). However, that flurry of words died off by the end of the month. Still got a lot of words to it, but I added a subplot that I’m questioning. Is it a good subplot? A useful subplot? Have I lost sight of the heart of the book? What was the heart of the book anyway? At the moment, I can’t tell if I’ve actually lost my direction or if I’m just suffering a terrible case of Second Book Second Guessing. Part of me suggests continuing recklessly. Part of me suggests doing revisions on book one before I go further. Mostly, I’m not worrying about it and will circle back to the work when I’m ready. I’ve noticed I cycle through projects roughly every two to three weeks, so I know I’ll be back to this one later.

Itzie and Rodney’s second novel had the least words going into it and got the most words added. While the writing has been sprawling and will need some serious focus in drafting, I’m pleased with how it is going. I have finally found a solid plot for it. Which is good because I tried three or four different plots before finding the one that actually seems to be the right shaped and themed plot for book two. I have mentioned, right, that second books are apparently way harder than first books? Because they are.

Thrall was worked on mostly towards the end of the month and is still getting most of my focus. It has hit its stride and is growing rapidly. It… also involves bondage and I sort of wrote a scene about bondage on an airplane and I think the people sitting in the row with me noticed.

So yeah. Thank you, Thrall, thank you NaNoWriMo. Because of you, I am now That Person on the plane. The one writing BDSM where anyone could see.

GOOD JOB SELF. And with that thought, I close out November.


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