The Id Goes Grocery Shopping

Ego: Okay, here we are, grocery shopping! I’m… not actually sure what we’re doing here? We have everything we need at home to make a healthy and delicious dinner…
Id: Garlic bread.
Ego: Oh, hey, good point! That would go great with the planned dinner. So garlic bread should be–
Id: These strawberries smell AMAZING.
Ego: Oh, hey, you’re right. And we are trying to eat more fresh produce for our health. Yeah, go ahead and grab those. Okay, now where’s the garlic bread? Hm, not over here.
Ego: Weird, not seeing any in the frozen section either. Do they not have any?
Id: *Begins to hiss* sssssssssssssssssssss
Ego: Calm down, it’s okay, id! We’ll just make some! Garlic bread isn’t that hard. Okay, I think we have enough butter at home and we have some garlic already. Enough garlic, do you think?
Id: ssssssssssssssssssssss
Ego: I think we have enough. So all we need is the bread– OH! Hey, they have pre-made loafs of garlic bread over here! By the bread. Of course it is. Damn, that loaf is like the size of my arm. It’d really be smarter just to buy a demi-baguette and make our own–
Id: *Grapples enormous loaf of garlic bread and slinks away, still hissing* ssssssss
Ego: …Huh. So, uh, that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Alright, we better check out– WHERE THE HELL DID THESE GUMMY WORMS COME FROM?

And that is how I came home with a loaf of garlic bread the size of my arm, a tub of gummy worms, and strawberries.


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