A Writing Year In Review: 2015

Ah, another November, another writing year complete.

What was accomplished this year?  A lot less than I was hoping for.  In fact, this was a year full of frustrations.  I went in feeling like I was on the tipping point of Getting Somewhere.  And I am Not Really Anywhere At All Special.

Which is not to say that I went backwards.  I didn’t do that, despite feeling like I did.  It’s actually very hard to move backwards in writing.  Several novels are a lot longer and have a much more focused direction than when I started.   And I did accomplish my goal of getting more editing done. I completed drafts of a novel, a novella, and a short story.  None of which accomplished what I want (the novel especially, though now that it’s bust, I have finally realized what I actually need to do to fix it, which involves basically turning it into a novella).

But writing is ever a process.  Even if one work doesn’t do what you want it to, you learn in the process of doing what does and doesn’t work.  I’ve had a couple of near misses on a work that’s actually rather old at this point.  I have hope that means I can stop missing with something that’s a little more recent.  Next year, we try some more daring stuff and if we end up fast first in failure, well, at least the effort will have been made.

As for Nano, same rules as last year.  Most of my focus will try to be on Itzie and Rodney’s second novel, but anything that’s officially on the project list may get worked on this November.  After the October I had, I feel like that’s a more than fair.


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