Link Dump: Ruin Edition

It’s amazing how much I don’t want to blog this week.  So here.  Have some interesting links for inspiration. — A bustling island trade city, part of the Swahili trade empire.

Ruins In Japan – A series of photos and exploration of abandoned places in Japan.  Photos are eerie, creepy, and often beautiful.  Consider setting your novel in one today!

The Dead Photos – How did that corpse get here?  And who tied the balloons there?

How To Destroy The Earth – Analysis and science behind possible ways to destroy the world.  Great for vetting your mad scientist’s theory against reality.  Just how easy IS it to destroy the world?

33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places  –  Though I argue that boats and planes aren’t exactly abandoned places.  Splitting hairs, I suppose.

Yeah, uh, that’s all I got.  See you next week, blog, for business as usual.