A Writing Year In Review: 2015

Ah, another November, another writing year complete.

What was accomplished this year?  A lot less than I was hoping for.  In fact, this was a year full of frustrations.  I went in feeling like I was on the tipping point of Getting Somewhere.  And I am Not Really Anywhere At All Special.

Which is not to say that I went backwards.  I didn’t do that, despite feeling like I did.  It’s actually very hard to move backwards in writing.  Several novels are a lot longer and have a much more focused direction than when I started.   And I did accomplish my goal of getting more editing done. I completed drafts of a novel, a novella, and a short story.  None of which accomplished what I want (the novel especially, though now that it’s bust, I have finally realized what I actually need to do to fix it, which involves basically turning it into a novella).

But writing is ever a process.  Even if one work doesn’t do what you want it to, you learn in the process of doing what does and doesn’t work.  I’ve had a couple of near misses on a work that’s actually rather old at this point.  I have hope that means I can stop missing with something that’s a little more recent.  Next year, we try some more daring stuff and if we end up fast first in failure, well, at least the effort will have been made.

As for Nano, same rules as last year.  Most of my focus will try to be on Itzie and Rodney’s second novel, but anything that’s officially on the project list may get worked on this November.  After the October I had, I feel like that’s a more than fair.


A Year Belatedly In Review

Er. So. February is the new January, right?


No complaints for my health, though my partner ended up having the flu and surgery in a single year. That was not so much fun. No lasting complications, but hopefully there will be less of that stress this next year.

For 2015:
Check ups. All of the checkups need to happen. Hopefully not twice. Don’t know why they’d need to happen twice. But yes, planning to get all the testing done.

Let’s not talk about Bacon.
(Expensive town + current work situation = Ehhhh, money, that happens to other people?)

For 2015:
Hoping to diversify revenue streams. As in having multiple. Taking active steps in this direction, but revenue may not materialize. Will cope with the result either way.

So apparently I have been in a relationship for the last five or so years? That happened? Is happening? I’m really, really good at this, okay.

For 2015:
The goal is really to avoid buying Maine Coons and that’s all there is to it.

Finished two novels, edited a third, scribbled a whole bunch of miscellaneous shit. Not a bad year at all. Not like any of this stuff is ready to be seen by other people

For 2015:
I HAVE THINGS. MOVING PIECES. ALL OVER. NO I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM YET IF I TALK ABOUT THEM THEY MAY STOP EXISTING LIKE FAIRIES. It’s fairies that do that, right? If you tell someone you saw a fairy they cease to exist, right? Though I’m not sure where all the clapping comes in?

Anyway, my main writing goal for 2015 is to get better at editing things, ie, doing it faster and more reliably. Because first drafts are fun, but they are also crappy. To not be crappy, they need editing. I am bad at editing. I want to fix that.

1) Keep up with the blogging
Ehhhhh. I did… okay-ish? Things got blogged. More like monthly than weekly, but reasonably consistently either way. This year, I have so far totally failed at blogging regularly BUT HA HA 2015. NOT MY RESOLUTION THIS YEAR. TAKE THAT.

1) Color more.
I have color books. I should take breaks from work and just color in them. Because pretty pictures are awesome and it’s a way to unwind and give my brain space.

2) End the Year With Fewer Unread Kindle Books
So, I have, oh, twenty pages on my kindle? Of books I haven’t read? And there’s some REALLY GOOD books on there. And a lot of crap. But I can’t tell which is which and seriously, TWENTY PAGES OF UNREAD KINDLE BOOKS. So, the goal is to end the year with fewer books unread than when I started. Which is not to say I can’t (and won’t) buy more kindle books. Just, you know. Need to try and read through the back log. That’s the goal.

This has probably been my silliest year end review and I think I’m okay with that.

White Rabbit: Topaz Edition

HAPPY WRITING NEW YEAR! Er, well, yesterday.

You will not be seeing me again until December.  I can pretty much say that with certainty, given my track record of blogs and the fact that, well, you know. Nano.

Anyway, last year was generally a success. The goal was four major projects and I accomplished three major projects and one short story. And since I never write short stories, I’m counting that as a success. As well as editing one novel and completing first drafts of two others, I slapped down words on a whole bunch of projects. I had Plot Wars with two novels when I realized what I was writing was not part of those novels, but those battles have been resolved with a new direction for said two novels and thoughts for pursuing later books in the series. Over all, a fairly productive writing year.

The goal for this next writing year is going to be getting a lot of things edited and get a number of things to the point where I wouldn’t be ashamed if the public read them. I’ll likely try expanding on this next month.

So, what am I doing for Nano this year? Which project am I tackling?

Any of them that I want. I have a list of ‘active’ projects and I am allowed to add words to any of them. I am not allowed to write random scenes that aren’t part of anything and I’m strongly discouraged from jumping around chronologically. I have the Crowned Act listed on my Nano page and that is tentatively the one I will be focusing on most. However, any of my major projects are allowable, so that I end with 50k new words on my projects by the end of the month.

Anyway, this blog is wasting words I could be putting on my Nano! I had best go put my nose to the grindstone. Or. Get brunch. One of the two.

2014, Let’s Put a Hat On the Year

Well!  A new year has dawned upon us and 2013 didn’t signify the end of the year, to varying levels of disappointment.  I’ve got black eyed peas cooking with too much ham and will probably post my ‘recipe’ of this cooking disaster experiment tomorrow.  My holidays were lovely, if unproductive, and I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Hopefully this will result in more reviews.   Today should result in laundry, but we’ll find out if that happens.  First, a blog, about the past, the future, and sharks.

Actually, I lied.  There will be no sharks. 

2013: No complaints in the health department here.  Well, trying to readjust to the high altitude and dry air has been playing bloody hell on my sinuses, but short of that, health has been fine.

For 2014: Should, in theory, have overly expensive and mostly useless health care in 2014.  I’m not happy about the cost of that, let me tell you.  BUT, at least I will (provided the health care companies actually send me stuff so that I can GET healthcare) have health care and can get a general check up in.  That will be good to get an official look at where I’m doing healthwise, because for all that I feel fine, I’ve got an awful paranoid voice in the back of my head that hisses that everything is cancerous and I’m going to keel over any second now.  It’s not a loud voice, but getting an official checkup should shush the damn thing up.

2013: The bank account is down.  I’m not too happy with where the number is.  There’s a number of reasons for this, moving isn’t cheap and I continue to defy the idea of working full time again.  But, I’ve currently got a part time job that is paying me something closer to what I’m actually worth as an employee.  There are other problems with the job, but as a whole, I think it’s going to work.

For 2014: We’ll see how finances go.  I’m hoping I can stabilize things and maybe even store a little money away for the future.  There are many indicators that I can, but a couple of things weighing against me (yes, I’m looking at YOU health insurance).  It should be manageable, but I’ll reassess finances later in 2014.  If things don’t go well, I’ll have to give up the part time bohemian life and go work a nine to five again.  Not the goal, but always an option.

2013: Sometimes, I don’t even know why I have this category.  I never improve here, my social life is still the same, my actual love life is still the same.  And while I wouldn’t mind making more friends, I’m not actually miserable or lonely.  Which is why this has never been an issue that I’ve pursued all that actively.  If things are not ideal, they are at least in a place I can be complacent of.

For 2014:
Honestly, right now what I really want out of my social life is to find a writing group.  I actually found one 2013, then promptly moved five states away.  Because that’s always how this works.  So, if I’ve got a goal on the social front for 2014, it’s to make some more writer friends, preferably in the area.  As ever, not sure how hard I’ll pursue this, which is why it’s not a resolution so much as a vague, questioning ideal.

I detailed the results of 2013 in detail at the start of my writing year, so I’ll just use this to give a quick progress update on how December went on the writing front.  Aaaaand, well, it sucked.  I did not reach my goal of 30k.  I did not write consistently on any one thing, but prodded a few things and actually started a bunch of things, which was fun, but did not get me closer towards finishing anything.  Mostly, I spent December recalling that:

A) holidays seriously interfere with productivity and that’s okay.  Don’t stress, just accept that you will never get as much done as you want to during this month. Get done what you can and let what you don’t get done slide in the name of Holiday Spirit.

B) I suck at writing during the winter.  This is one of those facts that I am generally aware of but never remember the depth of until winter actually hits.  I tend to get writer’s block every winter and if it’s not writer’s block, it’s a general malaise of Not Wanting To Do Shit.  I want to sit around play virtual petsites all day, not do things that are actually useful.  Everyone’s always surprised when I mention this.  They think I would be MORE productive in the winter when its dark and I can’t go outside.  And maybe this is true for other writers, but for me?  I’m less productive in the winter.  When it’s nice outside and the craving to be outside hits, technology means I can just go outside and do writing, giving me both the nice weather AND space to write in.  So that’s no barrier.  What is about the winter that means I’m less productive, I don’t know.  But now that it’s not December, I’m not letting it get the better of me.

Goal for January:
Get the read through of Cat that Wouldn’t Die done this next month. 

1) Learn how to write short stories
FAILED.  I really just need to stop making this a goal.  If I learn how to write short stories, it will not be because I’m trying.  It will just happen.  I’ll turn around and realize that what I’ve written are, in fact, a number of short stories.  And then I’ll have to figure out how publishing them works.  But you know, for now, shelving this as a goal.

2) Get my ass back in the internet eye
Mixed success!  I did in fact make a blog!  You are reading it now!  I’ve also been tweeting more and generally getting myself adjusted to the idea of being in the public eye.  Now, I really wanted to be blogging weekly all of last year and you can see that didn’t happen.  Also, the cross posting never happened.  I really need to figure out the crossposting.

1) Keep up with the blogging
One blog post a week, for the rest of the year, probably minus November because November is a Busy Time.  Blog updates will either happen on Thursday or Sunday (because reasons), and I’m not holding myself to a set schedule beyond that.

2)  ….That’s it actually
I don’t really have any other resolutions for 2014.  I have discussed a number of goals and things I’m pursuing, but none of them really fall into the resolution category.  Largely because most of my goals are basically “Keep doing what you’ve been doing, only maybe a little harder?”  So, if anything, that’s my resolution?

Welp, still haven’t done laundry.  I’d best get on that.  And find some food while I’m at it.

May 2014 kick 2013’s ass.  In a good way.