White Rabbit: Emerald Edition

Well, we are now at the halfway point of my writing year, which means I ought to have two major projects done to be on track. I have… zero. Yup. Progress, I am not feeling so good about it. April was a difficult month because of Uncontrollable Life Things happening, following a March that was similarly not good for focus. So all of my projects, though they’ve moved places, don’t feel like actual progress that I can hold in my hand.

In fact, if anything, I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards. I mentioned, at the start of last month, that I was uncertain whether I should continue submitting Trask or put more work into it. The answer, as I knew it would be, is more work, because at the least, the novel isn’t in a place where I want to publish it. So it feels like I’m back where I was two years ago, with nothing to shop around with agents and a lot of unfinished stories staring at me.

But the writing career is not an escalator. It doesn’t go in one direction and there’s no falling off that lands you back on the ground floor where you started with nothing to show for yourself. If we’re looking for a good metaphor for a writing career, let’s go with Shoots and Ladders, only there is no end goal, just a lot of looping pathways. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years writing, learning how to put together a story, a scene, a character arc. I’m not going to lose that knowledge because I’m not throwing a subpar novel at uninterested agents. The only way I can actually lose ground is to plug my ears and ignore the flaws in my work. Or give up entirely. Waiting on a step is not the same as giving up.

Agents, you will be hearing from me again.

No, that’s not a threat. Or, well, maybe it is, eh, EH?!