Links: Webcomic Edition

It’s been a tough week for a lot of reasons, so you’re getting a series of links. These are webcomics I am currently enjoying very much. Look, guys, it was this or me babbling about Storium.

New kid in school discovers that ghosts are real but may not be as scary as the ‘friends’ he’s in the process of making. The art is colorful and dynamic, the story involving and hilarious. It’s also an excellent example of an excellent tone combination. Threading through the over the top humor is a vein of more serious issues. Overarching plots lurk in the background, along with any number of personal character subplots. Recently found this one, really looking forward to seeing how the story and characters continue to evolve.

Cucumber Quest
Fluffy adorable bunny characters from a land of baked goods must quest across their world to defeat the resurrected villain, Nightmare Knight. Only saying it like that leaves out the fact that the entire adventure is also a deeply self aware parody of JRPG and other similar stories. The main character, Cucumber, would really rather be anywhere else and doesn’t understand why his little sister can’t do the heroing bit. The art is adorable and vibrant, the characters make you want to hug them, even the jerks.

It starts as a fable. Creative and intriguing from the first beautiful page, this story draws you in and builds the world around you as you go. You don’t need a codex, this writer knows just how much to tell you and how much to leave out. Also, I love the designs for the spirits. They just look so neat.