White Rabbit: Peridot Edition

So I had three goals this month.  And.  I occurs to me that technically, I failed ALL of them!

Major Goal: Begin submitting The Cat That Wouldn’t Die to agents.
Novel is completely ready to submit, I didn’t actually submit it anywhere, I realized. I think at some point, I forgot the goal was to actually start submitting and had it recorded in my head as ‘have ready for submission this month, including all required edits and accessories.’ And I succeeded in that! I have a query letter, synopsis, fully edited novel… I just didn’t actually throw it at anyone. Threw something else at a thing, however, so I don’t actually feel failed.

Minor Goal:  38750 words, or 1250 words per day.
Ehhhh, ended up with around 30k words this last month. So, failed my word count. Most disappointed about this failure, but there were reasons. Focus became a struggle one week, another week I took easy because of my birthday, and then another week I fucked up my hand with inexplicable bruising (FUN TIMES). So, there were reasons my word count wasn’t what I wanted, though logic has nothing on Writer’s Guilt.

Most Minor Goal: Complete Phoenix and Wolf.
So, yeah, I only added about 4k to this project. And the whole thing keeps sliding sideways on me when I jump in to try and tack more words to it. Either I keep forgetting plot points I mean to bring up or it just takes off somewhere else entirely. In general, I’m feeling like this project is not really where I want it to be. There’s a lot of elements that I included, but never did as much with as I wanted to and I kept fucking ending up in the library in the story. Three fucking times, the book goes to the library AND ONLY ONE OF THESE IS PLOT SIGNIFICANT. So, long rant short, there’s a lot of edits in this book’s future, if it has a future at all.

Anyway, that was last month. Moving on to this month! Plans! Goals! Dreams!

…Yeah, I got nothing.

Tentatively going for my 38750 word goal that failed last month, but not feeling good about it since this month has started out rather weak. Not that I can’t recover and recover easily at this point, it is the third fucking day of the month. But my hopes right now are low and I have a few things I’m flipping out at. We’ll see what, if anything, comes of them when I report in next month.

And hell, maybe I’ll blog more than twice this month. THAT would be something to see, wouldn’t it?


White Rabbit: Pearl Edition


By which I really mean, got the first draft of The Cat That Wouldn’t Die finished.  That is to say, I got all the way to the end and have now circled around for draft 2.5 in which I fix the beginning because I’ve realized it’s a mess. Still, its progress, real and definite progress.  Now cleaning up the intro again and debating what to do with the book in question.  Also trying to decide if I want to pick up one of my novellas/longish stories and see about a second draft.  Haven’t decided, probably won’t decide until July at any rate.

So, anyway, that’s ONE project down out of my intended four.  At this point in time, finishing short stories will even count, I don’t care so long as I finish things.  Because, yes, you guessed it, I picked up at least one more project last month.  Yeup.  That happened. 

And so, to help along my many projects that are not getting finished, I’m going for 1500 words a day (on average) in June, for a total of 45000 words by the end of the month.  Not any specific project, but a good solid chunk of words to get things closer to finished.  I’d really like to put a lot of those words towards Phoenix and Wolf, but we’ll see what happens with that stupidly long sprawl of a story in which little happens.

Still, at least for today, I’m not feeling terrible about my state of writing.  Too many projects, slow progress, lots of frustration.  At the same time, progress has been made and I don’t feel terrible about the things I have been writing.  Well, another month done, another to go.  Let’s see what June brings.