Fourth Quarter Can Kiss My

Last year was a bad year for blogging and I’m not sure this one will be any better.  It should be better, but we’ll see.  I’ve got a lot of novels to get done first.

Well, I had one emergency room visit that was sadly expensive and also ended completely unresolved.  The issue hasn’t reoccurred and it did galvanize me to get off my ass and get myself a physical.  Everything came back fine, though my weight is on the heavy side.  I don’t feel badly overweight, but if you run the ‘you are this height and age’ numbers, I am apparently a lot of overweight.  Which triggers doctors to inform me of all of this exercising I’m apparently not doing, never mind the fact that I walk five miles four times a week minimum.  Which they never asked about.  I blame a lot of this on the town, which has an obsessive attitude for health and fitness.

For 2016:
No real goals for health next year.  I should eat better, this is a goal I should work on, but I’m also aware that I probably won’t.  I like eating, I like eating certain kinds of foods that are objectively crap.  And also, it’s really hard to get good produce out here, which is a lot of what I really need to eat healthier.

No diversifying of monetary streams and I am still making shitty wages.  I am getting by, but it’s not great.

For 2016:
Need to ask for a raise or get a new job.  Not excited about these prospects, either of them.  Let’s move on, because this one just sucks.

So you know how last year I said I was apparently dating someone for like, five, ten years?  We got married this summer.  So far, it hasn’t really changed much except we make a lot of ‘you married that’ jokes.  The biggest benefit of being married so far is that it is no longer weird for my spouse to buy me pants and I am so down with that.

Expanding love to include family and friends, things were a little rough on this front.  Lost a grandmother and that was rough.  Now that I am married, have to figure out how to split the holidays and integrate the families and that’s been… complicated.  Not bad, but complicated. Families are great, but logistics alone are a pain in the ass, even with all the love and support in the world.

For 2016:
Still making sure I don’t buy maine coons.  Waiting patiently for when life can move forward again and we’re not stuck somewhere we’re not fond of.  Getting there.  Getting closer.

It doesn’t feel like I accomplished anything, but I did.  Close calls aren’t enough to make it from, but eventually one of those will resolve.  I keep telling myself that.  It doesn’t help much with the frustration, but it keeps me trying.

For 2016:
Keep on keeping on.  Keep on writing, keep on editing, keeping throwing myself off of the metaphorical cliff until I get there.

I kept none of last year’s resolutions and am not making any this year.

Well, okay, here’s one.  I resolve to get a post nano write up before next nano.

There, I have done it, I have resolved.  Go team.  See you next year.


A Writing Year In Review: 2015

Ah, another November, another writing year complete.

What was accomplished this year?  A lot less than I was hoping for.  In fact, this was a year full of frustrations.  I went in feeling like I was on the tipping point of Getting Somewhere.  And I am Not Really Anywhere At All Special.

Which is not to say that I went backwards.  I didn’t do that, despite feeling like I did.  It’s actually very hard to move backwards in writing.  Several novels are a lot longer and have a much more focused direction than when I started.   And I did accomplish my goal of getting more editing done. I completed drafts of a novel, a novella, and a short story.  None of which accomplished what I want (the novel especially, though now that it’s bust, I have finally realized what I actually need to do to fix it, which involves basically turning it into a novella).

But writing is ever a process.  Even if one work doesn’t do what you want it to, you learn in the process of doing what does and doesn’t work.  I’ve had a couple of near misses on a work that’s actually rather old at this point.  I have hope that means I can stop missing with something that’s a little more recent.  Next year, we try some more daring stuff and if we end up fast first in failure, well, at least the effort will have been made.

As for Nano, same rules as last year.  Most of my focus will try to be on Itzie and Rodney’s second novel, but anything that’s officially on the project list may get worked on this November.  After the October I had, I feel like that’s a more than fair.

The Id Goes Grocery Shopping

Ego: Okay, here we are, grocery shopping! I’m… not actually sure what we’re doing here? We have everything we need at home to make a healthy and delicious dinner…
Id: Garlic bread.
Ego: Oh, hey, good point! That would go great with the planned dinner. So garlic bread should be–
Id: These strawberries smell AMAZING.
Ego: Oh, hey, you’re right. And we are trying to eat more fresh produce for our health. Yeah, go ahead and grab those. Okay, now where’s the garlic bread? Hm, not over here.
Ego: Weird, not seeing any in the frozen section either. Do they not have any?
Id: *Begins to hiss* sssssssssssssssssssss
Ego: Calm down, it’s okay, id! We’ll just make some! Garlic bread isn’t that hard. Okay, I think we have enough butter at home and we have some garlic already. Enough garlic, do you think?
Id: ssssssssssssssssssssss
Ego: I think we have enough. So all we need is the bread– OH! Hey, they have pre-made loafs of garlic bread over here! By the bread. Of course it is. Damn, that loaf is like the size of my arm. It’d really be smarter just to buy a demi-baguette and make our own–
Id: *Grapples enormous loaf of garlic bread and slinks away, still hissing* ssssssss
Ego: …Huh. So, uh, that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Alright, we better check out– WHERE THE HELL DID THESE GUMMY WORMS COME FROM?

And that is how I came home with a loaf of garlic bread the size of my arm, a tub of gummy worms, and strawberries.

The More You Know, the Less You Need Slash Goggles

Me: *Looks at the top picture on the right* Hah, those guys totally look like they’re about to kiss. I mean, I know I’m just reading into it, but..
Medievalist Roommate: When’s it from?
Me: Uh, 1497.
Medievalist Roommate: Oh yeah, then they totally probably just did.
Me: What?
Medievalist Roommate: Kissing was a common greeting at that time period. So yeah, good eye!

A Year Belatedly In Review

Er. So. February is the new January, right?


No complaints for my health, though my partner ended up having the flu and surgery in a single year. That was not so much fun. No lasting complications, but hopefully there will be less of that stress this next year.

For 2015:
Check ups. All of the checkups need to happen. Hopefully not twice. Don’t know why they’d need to happen twice. But yes, planning to get all the testing done.

Let’s not talk about Bacon.
(Expensive town + current work situation = Ehhhh, money, that happens to other people?)

For 2015:
Hoping to diversify revenue streams. As in having multiple. Taking active steps in this direction, but revenue may not materialize. Will cope with the result either way.

So apparently I have been in a relationship for the last five or so years? That happened? Is happening? I’m really, really good at this, okay.

For 2015:
The goal is really to avoid buying Maine Coons and that’s all there is to it.

Finished two novels, edited a third, scribbled a whole bunch of miscellaneous shit. Not a bad year at all. Not like any of this stuff is ready to be seen by other people

For 2015:
I HAVE THINGS. MOVING PIECES. ALL OVER. NO I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM YET IF I TALK ABOUT THEM THEY MAY STOP EXISTING LIKE FAIRIES. It’s fairies that do that, right? If you tell someone you saw a fairy they cease to exist, right? Though I’m not sure where all the clapping comes in?

Anyway, my main writing goal for 2015 is to get better at editing things, ie, doing it faster and more reliably. Because first drafts are fun, but they are also crappy. To not be crappy, they need editing. I am bad at editing. I want to fix that.

1) Keep up with the blogging
Ehhhhh. I did… okay-ish? Things got blogged. More like monthly than weekly, but reasonably consistently either way. This year, I have so far totally failed at blogging regularly BUT HA HA 2015. NOT MY RESOLUTION THIS YEAR. TAKE THAT.

1) Color more.
I have color books. I should take breaks from work and just color in them. Because pretty pictures are awesome and it’s a way to unwind and give my brain space.

2) End the Year With Fewer Unread Kindle Books
So, I have, oh, twenty pages on my kindle? Of books I haven’t read? And there’s some REALLY GOOD books on there. And a lot of crap. But I can’t tell which is which and seriously, TWENTY PAGES OF UNREAD KINDLE BOOKS. So, the goal is to end the year with fewer books unread than when I started. Which is not to say I can’t (and won’t) buy more kindle books. Just, you know. Need to try and read through the back log. That’s the goal.

This has probably been my silliest year end review and I think I’m okay with that.

The Problems of Writing Slave Characters While Staying Consent Conscious

Character A: *legally a slave* I find it both really hot and really terrifying when you play with my collar.
Character B: *Love interest, not a slave* I find your inability to give genuine and uncomplicated consent due to your social status a huge turn off.
Character A: Oh god damnit, I am never getting laid, I am I? 8|

And that is your mid-month update of how my writing has been going.

NaNo 2014 Wrap Up

So, it’s another year, another graph.


See that lovely dip in the middle? I call that the chasm of hell. It was Not A Good Week (Or So). Overall, it was a bit tough for a Nano. I had a lot of trouble finding focus. The ideas were there and the words came, but only after a lot of failed attempts to corral myself and a great deal of rampant internet clicking. It’s been that way since mid-October and I think it’s mostly stress related.

On the bright side, WORDS! They did happen, a whole 50k and on only three different stories! Considering the three stories are the major three novels I’ve got in the works, I feel pretty good about that.

Breakdown by Percentage:
The Crowned Act: 36% (18,289 words added)
Itzie and Rodney II: 37% (19,201 words added)
Thrall: 27% (13,635 words added)

The amusing thing is that all three works are now roughly the same length. Here’s their current word count:
The Crowned Act: 38,248 words
Itzie and Rodney II: 35,577 words
Thrall: 37,762 words

I started strongest on The Crowned Act, which is why it got to be my title novel (and also, it has the best title out of all three major works this month). However, that flurry of words died off by the end of the month. Still got a lot of words to it, but I added a subplot that I’m questioning. Is it a good subplot? A useful subplot? Have I lost sight of the heart of the book? What was the heart of the book anyway? At the moment, I can’t tell if I’ve actually lost my direction or if I’m just suffering a terrible case of Second Book Second Guessing. Part of me suggests continuing recklessly. Part of me suggests doing revisions on book one before I go further. Mostly, I’m not worrying about it and will circle back to the work when I’m ready. I’ve noticed I cycle through projects roughly every two to three weeks, so I know I’ll be back to this one later.

Itzie and Rodney’s second novel had the least words going into it and got the most words added. While the writing has been sprawling and will need some serious focus in drafting, I’m pleased with how it is going. I have finally found a solid plot for it. Which is good because I tried three or four different plots before finding the one that actually seems to be the right shaped and themed plot for book two. I have mentioned, right, that second books are apparently way harder than first books? Because they are.

Thrall was worked on mostly towards the end of the month and is still getting most of my focus. It has hit its stride and is growing rapidly. It… also involves bondage and I sort of wrote a scene about bondage on an airplane and I think the people sitting in the row with me noticed.

So yeah. Thank you, Thrall, thank you NaNoWriMo. Because of you, I am now That Person on the plane. The one writing BDSM where anyone could see.

GOOD JOB SELF. And with that thought, I close out November.